Orchard Chapters

Orchard Chapters is a module adding some structured content management by creating pages linked to sections and subsections.

What is it useful for ?

Chapters can be used to organize your pages in a hierarchical sequence. The first level of chapters represents the root entries for the hierarchies. This module suits best the needs of documentation sections, where you need an entry point in the site, then be able to navigate using a table of content like organization.

Chapters are created and can be added to other existing chapters to create the hierarchy. When displaying a Chapter, all the sub-chapters are displayed under the page, followed by a navigation zone allowing to navigate of Previous and Next pages, as of going up in the hierarchy.

Ultimately you can add a nice Table of Content widget on every page of this section.

Where do I start ?

You can install this module directly from Orchard itself, by enabling the Gallery module, and looking for Ochard Chapters in the list.
You should also condider reading the documentation as it shows some typical usage scenarios, and will guide you from installing the module, to advanced usage and configuration.

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